Anonymous asked: "Buuuut you do know who I am but you just have to guess and find out :p"

4 why

Anonymous asked: "Oh, well I like you well starting to, buuuut you will never know who I am till it's time for you to leeaave. c:"


yungislander asked: "You are so mean to me I swear."

hush, you know I love you Chris. text me bc Jonny and I have an idea for this weekend :-)

yungislander asked: "Marisa I want potatoes"

fuck yourself Chris, potatoes are disgusting

Anonymous asked: "What? I don't know either I'm shy."

hi shy, I’m dad


Rotting Out - No Clue (x)
Anonymous asked: "I secretly want you like.. Please love me and fuck me ugh. But guess who I am! You beautiful fucker! :p"


i just threw away 7 months, haha. September 13th no longer means anything, fuck my life.

I Won't Say That I'm Ok | Front Porch Step
Frown | Title Fight





Cat audition for Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the role of Salem

i love this

new favorite photo

i really wonder which one won omg

do you guys really believe this caption like are you guys seriously that dumb oh my god

Modern Baseball


hi im here to ruin everything 

(via pizza)

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